Etsy Craft Party in the News!

Thanks to FOX Toledo for inviting Etsy Craft Party Toledo into the studio and sharing our event with the community on Talk Back!–Sidewalk-chalk-at-the-main-library

Despite being a little starstruck (I’m kind of a local news junkie), Laura Emerson was super easy to talk to and everyone at the station was very helpful.  The spot aired on last night’s 10pm newscast.  So far, we’ve been able to avoid the resulting paparazzi!

Additionally, thanks to WTOL for posting the release online:

Our local media are very helpful and generous to area non-profits.  Please keep Toledo ratings strong- watch their news and tell them you appreciate them!

Peace & Paint,


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Since our last post, we’ve had lots of Etsians jump on the Etsy Craft Party Toledo bandwagon!  We’re a bit busy with, well you know, planning an event that begins in about 50 hours, but here’s the newest shops to join…

Black and Zebra Print PettiskirtKish and Caboodle: Children’s Clothing and Accessories




FancyThat:  Feather Headbands and Fascinators



Cute Clay Charms

Cheries Shinies:  Jewelry and Charms



Vintage inspired summer apron

AshleighChristina: Clothing and Jewelry




Turkish Crochet Beaded Necklace

Paz Amor Esperanza:  Jewelry and Tie Dye Clothing



Meagan Bag

Nan’s Niche:  Handbags




Lolly Pop Pinwheel Chainmaille Pendant Necklace in Cotton Candy Pink and Ice ChainmailSerenity in Chains:  Alternative Jewelry and Chainmaille Items



Magdelena- 12 x 18 Fine Art PrintColors of Eden:  Paintings and Prints




That’s all!  For now anyway… registration closes at 3pm today.  Were you thinking of registering?  Yes?  Quit thinking and just do it!

See you all very very soon.

Peace & Paint,






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Etsy crAFTER Party

We’ve talked a lot about the massive sidewalk chalk project at the library.  This part of Toledo’s first Etsy Craft Party runs from 1-5pm.  So what about the evening?

Toledo School for the Arts will host an Etsy Sale in Gallerie 333.  The gallery is part of that evening’s ACGT Art Walk, so we’ll have plenty of visitors.  As of today, these visitors have two awesome Etsy shops to peruse.  CreativeJenV and RainbowVintage are officially the very first shops registered.  Early birds catch the worm, er, uh, the blog post?  Yep.

Creative Jen V offers handmade purses, totes and accessories in fun and bold fabrics.  Jennifer explains that “I’ve been crafting as long as I can remember.”  All of this experience chalks up to bags of exceptional quality and workmanship.  Her Etsy shop gets high marks for detailed and accurate descriptions.  For those of us who are a bit intense about whether a purse has the exact size pocket for our treasured Newest Phone Model 204FancyA, or insist that button closures are far superior to zippers, read and be enlightened. 

It’s quite difficult to choose from all of the fabrics/sizes/styles available (and if you just can’t decide, CreativeJenV takes custom orders), but here’s a few favorites:

Large Black Yellow Grey Geometric Purse/Tote   Orange Poppy Zippered Pouch   Game Purse/Tote Chutes and Ladders Medium Purse or Tote with Pockets

Stacie of RainbowVintage has been selling vintage clothing for almost 14 years.  A proud member of the Etsy Vintage Team, she is part of an organization of Etsy sellers passionate about vintage and antiques, as well as items that are handmade with vintage components. By vetting members, EVT provides a “stamp of approval”–reassurance to buyers that they are purchasing authentic vintage goods from a knowledgeable, trustworthy dealer.

RainbowVintage carries dresses (purchase the excellent party dress below before someone else nabs it!), separates, accessories (like this adorable double rainbow clutch) and menswear.  A personal favorite is the Objets de Wtf category.  If you aren’t quite sure how that translates, check out the Greedy Pig bank below- a picture speaks volumes.

DOUBLE RAINBOW knitted clutch purse 70s 80s   GREEDY PIG gold chalkware piggy bank   short tiered floral print PARTY ANIMAL dress 80s

Hopefully the Etsy Shop Booth registrations will be rolling in so fast we can’t keep up with blogging, but if not, I’ll be sure to bring you more handmade, vintage, and/or supply goodness in the form of Etsians.  Night night.

Peace & Paint,


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Register Now!

We’ve been talking for a while now, so let’s cut to the chase and…


Registration is up and running now.  There are lots of options.  Why?  Because this is such a big party and we need variety!  Whether you bring your own chalk, purchase some from us, buy a t-shirt or bring your Etsy shop to life, it is all part of the fun.  As they say, the more the merrier!

Didn’t I say cut to the chase?  Yes, I think so.  Go to right now and register.  No, not later.  Now.  Right now.  Hurry. Go!

Peace & Paint,


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Mmmmm…. Chalky!*

photo courtesy of Ohdeedoh

*this recipe is not meant for eating

We were pondering in our meeting today how one might make a more vibrant sidewalk chalk.  Later, as is the case daily, I was craving a read of my fave blog: Apartment Therapy.  I thought to myself, “AT always has such cool DIY ideas, I bet they have sidewalk chalk!”

Aha!  AT’s little sister (or brother, you pick) Ohdeedoh, is the blog for all things cool kids need to know.  Including a recipe for sidewalk chalk paint.  Happy Reading!

Peace & Paint,


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Being On Time is Totally Overrated.

Did you know that being late is the fashionable thing to do?  Well, it is.  And here in Toledo, we have an intense (albeit irrational) fear of the Fashion Police.

So, to stay in style, we are moving the date of our Etsy Craft Party Toledo back.  Waaay back. 

Venue is the same, activities are the same, date has changed.  On Thursday, July 21st we will break Etsy’s “join the global party on June 10th” rules and have our event at our own time, on our own terms.  Does Thursday, July 21st sound a wee bit familiar to you?  Well it should!

We’re rescheduling the Etsy Craft Party Toledo to correspond with the ever-popular ACGT Third Thursday Art Walk.  If creatives will be storming downtown that day anyway, we figure it’s the perfect day to capture the crowd.

Keep your eyes peeled as details are released for this summer date:  JULY 21, 2011!

Peace & Paint,


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Event To Do List: Venue… CHECK!

The Etsy Craft Party Toledo is one step closer to happening.  We got a spot!

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library: Photo of Main Branch

The Main Branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library has agreed to let our chalk wielders descend upon their massive amount of sidewalk.  Hoorah!  Also, this is during the week their summer reading program starts. Soooo… your kids can get their art and their education all in one day!

Now, we can’t stage merch booths at the library.  I hear you Etsians, “what am I gonna do with all these sweet crafts now?!!?!?”  Don’t worry.  We love our library for this because you know what it means?  We will be “forced” to have a crAFTER party!  Aren’t parties just terrible?  I know.  Gross.  NOT.

photo of TSA Sculpture Garden c/o

Our crAFTER party will be held at Toledo School for the Arts, hopefully in their Gallerie 333 and/or Sculpture Garden.  Here we can have Etsy Pop-Up shops galore.  We’re also thinking about having everyone come on over from their sidewalk chalking mayhem for a DIY your own Etsy Craft Party Toledo event shirt session. 

Stencils+Paint= Fun. 

Got any other fun (and relatively inexpensive) t-shirt crafts up your t-shirt sleeve?  Share!

Peace & Paint,


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